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The Undeniable Effects of Surprise and Delight

The team at LaineGabriel just returned from what could have been “just another conference” but in the world of Direct Selling, and those companies that are part of the DSA, that just will not do.

Knowing the importance of the conference atmosphere among the consultants and the energy they bring, that ultimately results in motivated sales increases, we worked with our client to make sure that there wasn’t a consultant touchpoint – untouched.


Surprise and delight should start early. From the moment the registration packets arrived in homes we began to see unboxing videos on YouTube channels. There couldn’t have been a better response than consultants saying things like “they really think of everything”.

Delight at every turn. While working with the rigging teams to hang custom bird mobiles, and signage that on the scale of the empire state building, we helped transform what could have been another run-of-the-mill space into a branded wonderland.


Redefining selfies. And when in the corners, where you would expect to see a vast expanse of beige, turn into photo opportunities filled with props and expressive works of graphic design, consultants and passers by just can’t help but get involved.

There is so much more to talk about when it comes to branding conferences, from theming to follow-up and at LaineGabriel, we are always excited to start the