A catalog of real success.

Thirty-One Gifts rocketed to the top of the direct selling industry with a consultant base who could not get enough of their energy or their product. That’s when they turned to LaineGabriel to assist in bringing their story to life in photography and catalog sales.

Taking more than 20 years of experience in direct selling to the doors of one of the largest and fastest growing members of the DSA, LaineGabriel was integral to the reinvention of the catalog experience. Working closely with the internal brand team, we helped Thirty-One develop communication strategies, catalog theming, and a visual language that helped simplify the multitude of accessories and personalization choices that could have confused the audience. LaineGabriel managed the entire catalog from concept to completion along with photography, design, and illustration.

Sales and convention attendance rose at an almost uncontrollable rate during this period, with product introductions and heartfelt, true stories of success and determination. LaineGabriel’s work in the collateral materials permeated the entire brand as catalog themes found their way to annual meeting themes, and they still do to this day.