A year of hope made possible by you.

Celebrating donors and sharing the mission of one of the country’s oldest charities – one close to our hearts in Central Ohio.

The Salvation Army in Central Ohio is a faith-based charity committed to restoring hope and transforming the lives of the people in Central Ohio. The Army’s annual report is one of their most important pieces of collateral, as it verifies their financials, shares the stories of how they’ve helped the community, celebrates current donors, and encourages new people to give time or money to those in need.

LaineGabriel concepted and designed this annual report to promote donors as the backbone of The Salvation Army, including development of the theme “A Year of Hope Made Possible By You.” Through a unique tabbed format that allowed easy access to the report’s categories and an elegant design reflective of the organization’s humble mission and purpose, the report helped set a new standard for The Salvation Army’s materials while increasing awareness for their mission.