Fueling the future of higher education in Kentucky –
and beyond

Capturing the spark of a young, energetic university, a new brand, and the futures of bright young minds across the region.

How does Northern Kentucky University, a small, relatively young university get the word out about its excellent academics and vibrant campus life? It makes LaineGabriel part of its marketing team to help ignite passion – not just for prospective students – but for the staff and the current student population as well. Finding a market niche in the outskirts of a major metropolitan area full of college choices may seem daunting, but together we were able to break through the clutter and make a difference.

Tasked with leveraging the new visual identity and a thematic approach called “Carry the Torch,” we set out to make an impact that was bold and bright. And to us, that meant nothing less than playing with fire – the concept “Firebuilding 101” blazed a new trail through powerful messaging in print, digital, outdoor and radio.