Great American getaways – and a great branding project.

Each year, Nationwide rewards its top performing agents and their families with an incentive trip. Each year presents a new location and a new theme, and in 2012, LaineGabriel was tasked with Disneyland and Hawaii.

As we set out to incentivize agents and promote two equally warm and sunny—yet decidedly unique locales—LaineGabriel wowed Nationwide with a vintage travel theme.

We developed the family-friendly Disneyland conference materials to feel like an authentic piece of Disney history—right down to the ticket books! Our work was inspired by 1950’s travel, the quintessential family vacation, and the magic of the Happiest Place on Earth.

For the adults-only conference in Hawaii, we took agents back to the golden age of travel, where flying was a luxury and Hawaii’s exotic islands were truly a world away. We let the beautiful landscape and culture speak for itself by incorporating Pacific-inspired textures, patterns, and retro photographs.

For both conferences, our branding included theming, logo design, and a variety of collateral materials: premailer booklets, luggage tags, onsite booklet and pocket agendas, daily newsletters, name tags, amenity cards, and presentation slides.