When a new hospital opens, there will be questions.

Keeping employees engaged through a time of transition can be a challenging process – but it brings healthy rewards.

When Mercy Health began planning for the future health of the West Side of Cincinnati, it was faced with the challenge of closing two aging facilities and bringing services and personnel all under one state-of-the-art roof. Almost immediately, questions began to surface from the communities – and the employees. Will I have a job? Where do I fit into this plan? Why do we need a new hospital?

Instead of leaving these questions to the the rumor mill and dealing with the possibilities of lost morale and employee unrest, LaineGabriel was asked to develop a proactive communication strategy that gave real answers to real questions – some even before they were asked. In what we call the “Why” campaign, we met the employees and patients of the West Side with answers that made sense, answers that changed opinions and kept facts from being distorted. “Why do we need a new hospital?” was met with portraits and profiles of the people of the West Side of Cincinnati who would benefit from the new level of care being promised. “Why are we spending so much money?” was met with answers that showcased Mercy Health’s commitment to the community going back generations. With posters, direct mail, digital ads and employee ambassadors, we turned the opinions of a community from a negative “Why?” into a positive “Yes.”