An engaging approach to employee wellness.

Human resource departments are challenged every day with managing the most valuable resource of the company – employees. Challenged to keep them from becoming ex-employees and challenged to keep them healthy and productive – in short, managing the tremendous investment that employees are.

The goal was to create a communication and visual strategy that would cut through the endless clutter of communications, memos and bulletin boards thrust on 33,000 employees across two states – communicating a brand new wellness program and incentives designed to keep employees healthy. And to break the mold of communications overload, we started with a visual audit of more than 50 individual locations – looking for the white space in the overstimulating environments of office break rooms, hospital hallways, locker rooms, employee entrances, and more.

Using stunning color and simple photography, this campaign easily communicated, grabbed attention, and delivered simple messages designed to make a difference in the minds and lives of every employee. Now, no matter where you are in this organization of 33,000, you know when Human Resources is communicating something of physical and emotional value. Now in its second year, The Be Well Within campaign reaches into décor and the overall wellness culture of Mercy Health.