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Healthcare Content Planning

By Lisa Laine Miller and James Gabriel Brown, co-founders

We work day in and day out with healthcare marketers. And we love it. After all, healthcare marketing can be a very rewarding industry. You get to tell the stories of people saving lives. You get to provide patients with information to help them improve their health. And you get to showcase research, technology and innovations that are advancing healthcare and treatment for a variety of diseases.

But while there’s always a story to tell, for marketing departments at large hospital systems and other healthcare providers, the biggest challenge is often getting the necessary content and information. Doctors, nurses, researchers and healthcare leaders are busy saving lives—they don’t have time to write articles. Still, their expertise is needed in order for the content or article to be credible.

We’re thinking “there has to be a better way!” So here are our tips to get the most out of your healthcare content.

Create a plan
And by this we mean an editorial calendar. Yes, start now. Look and think about what topics make sense over the course of the calendar year. Where can you tie in messages to larger healthcare conversations (cold/flu season, specific disease awareness months, summer safety, etc.)?

Get the decision-makers together
Getting your content experts to be part of the process can be half the battle. To keep people engaged without taking up too much time, schedule a monthly or quarterly meeting with your organization leadership and top experts. Go around the room and ask what people are working on, and how you can tap into these projects to develop content. Review the editorial calendar and ask who can help contribute.

Leverage timely news
Your blog, website and social channels are a great way to share your take on timely news of the day. The good news is there is always something happening in the world of medicine, so finding a new research study, drug or disease that people are talking about won’t take long.

Create content quickly
It’s a common misconception that creating content needs to be time-consuming, with full-length, research-cited articles. While these long-form types of content have value, think outside the box and look for quick content, like short videos, photos and quotes from team members.

Doing these will help get your healthcare organization team on board with content. Do you have any tips to add? We’d love to hear from you.