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Engaging Employees With Video

It wasn’t long ago that the world of employee communication was lead by the dreaded memo, on a bulletin board, in an email, in a sea of “very important papers” that were required reading but mostly went unread. Today, your employees are more engaged than ever but not necessarily where you need them to be.

Employee communications are maximized if, it meets them where they live and work, where they engage and absorb, and where they share.

And that’s where video enters the picture.

Employees watch and post videos on a regular basis, and are becoming more and more comfortable receiving corporate information in the same way. Leveraging both the frequency and the medium of social media helps your message perform better.

In this example for Carolina’s Healthcare System, we run through the complexity of a Healthcare Savings Account with an employee ambassador.

And let’s not pretend that we can get away with the same content delivered on a different channel. Employees are not asking for PowerPoint presentations; they are asking to be entertained and informed through a compelling mix of information and entertainment.

We are marketing to an audience, and that audience is no different than the audiences we sell our products to.

Jeremy Goldman, in Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media, says “If a picture can tell a thousand words, imagine how many words a video can convey. To say that video should be an important piece of your content pie would be an understatement for most businesses.”

Delivering messages to your employees the same way the most sophisticated brands are, is key to your messages’ success. It will not only prepare the employees to represent your company properly, but also develop a loyalty and trust with the employee base.

To find out more about engaging your employees with video, contact us, we would love to tell you our story.